Typography component showing styles complied with passed variant prop and supported by the type system.


import * as React from 'react';
import { Text } from 'react-native-paper';

const MyComponent = () => (
    <Text variant="displayLarge">Display Large</Text>
    <Text variant="displayMedium">Display Medium</Text>
    <Text variant="displaySmall">Display small</Text>

    <Text variant="headlineLarge">Headline Large</Text>
    <Text variant="headlineMedium">Headline Medium</Text>
    <Text variant="headlineSmall">Headline Small</Text>

    <Text variant="titleLarge">Title Large</Text>
    <Text variant="titleMedium">Title Medium</Text>
    <Text variant="titleSmall">Title Small</Text>

    <Text variant="bodyLarge">Body Large</Text>
    <Text variant="bodyMedium">Body Medium</Text>
    <Text variant="bodySmall">Body Small</Text>

    <Text variant="labelLarge">Label Large</Text>
    <Text variant="labelMedium">Label Medium</Text>
    <Text variant="labelSmall">Label Small</Text>

export default MyComponent;


Available in v5.x with theme version 3

Variant defines appropriate text styles for type role and its size. Available variants:

Display: displayLarge, displayMedium, displaySmall

Headline: headlineLarge, headlineMedium, headlineSmall

Title: titleLarge, titleMedium, titleSmall

Label: labelLarge, labelMedium, labelSmall

Body: bodyLarge, bodyMedium, bodySmall

Type: React.ReactNode
Type: ThemeProp
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