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Migration to 2.0

This guide describes steps necessary to migrate from React Native Testing Library v1.x to v2.0.

Dropping Node 8

Node 8 reached its EOL more than 5 months ago, so it's about time to target the library to Node 10. If you used lower version, you'll have to upgrade to v10, but we recommend using the latest LTS version.

Auto Cleanup

cleanup() function is now called automatically after every test if your testing framework supports afterEach hook (like Jest, Mocha, and Jasmine).

You should be able to remove all afterEach(cleanup) calls in your code.

This change might break your code, if you tests are not isolated, i.e. you call render outside test block. Generally, you should keep your tests isolated. But if you can't or don't want to do this right away you can prevent this behavior using any of the following ways:

  • by importing 'react-native-testing-library/pure' instead of 'react-native-testing-library'

  • by importing 'react-native-testing-library/dont-cleanup-after-each' before importing 'react-native-testing-library'. You can do it in a global way by using Jest's setupFiles like this:

    "setupFiles": ["react-native-testing-library/dont-cleanup-after-each"];
  • by setting RNTL_SKIP_AUTO_CLEANUP env variable to true. You can do this with cross-evn like this:

    cross-env RNTL_SKIP_AUTO_CLEANUP=true jest

WaitFor API changes

We renamed waitForElement function to waitFor for consistency with React Testing Library. Additionally, the signature has slightly changed from:

export default function waitForElement<T>(
expectation: () => T,
timeout?: number,
interval?: number
): Promise<T> {}


export default function waitFor<T>(
expectation: () => T,
options: {
timeout?: number,
interval?: number,
): Promise<T> {}

Both changes should improve code readibility.

waitFor calls (and hence also findBy queries) are now wrapped in act by default, so that you should no longer need to use act directly in your tests.


You can usually avoid waitFor by a proper use of findBy asynchronous queries. It will result in more streamlined testing experience.

Removed global debug function

The debug() method returned from render() function is all you need. We removed the global export to avoid confusion.

Removed global shallow function

Shallow rendering React component is usually not a good idea, so we decided to remove the API. But, if you find it useful or need to support legacy tests, feel free to use this implementation:

import ShallowRenderer from 'react-test-renderer/shallow';

export function shallow(instance: ReactTestInstance | React.Element<any>) {
const renderer = new ShallowRenderer();
renderer.render(React.createElement(instance.type, instance.props));

return { output: renderer.getRenderOutput() };

Removed functions

Following query functions have been removed after being deprecated for more than a year now:

  • getByName
  • getAllByName
  • queryByName
  • queryAllByName

The *ByType and *ByProps queries has been prefixed with UNSAFE_. These UNSAFE_ functions are not planned for removal in future versions but their usage is discouraged. You can rename them using global search/replace in your project:

  • getByType -> UNSAFE_getByType
  • getAllByType -> UNSAFE_getAllByType
  • queryByType -> UNSAFE_queryByType
  • queryAllByType -> UNSAFE_queryAllByType
  • getByProps -> UNSAFE_getByProps
  • getAllByProps -> UNSAFE_getAllByProps
  • queryByProps -> UNSAFE_queryByProps
  • queryAllByProps -> UNSAFE_queryAllByProps

Some ByTestId queries behavior changes

In version 1.x the getByTestId and queryByTestId queries could return non-native instances. This was a serious bug. Other query functions like getAllByTestId, queryAllByTestId, findByTestId and findAllByTestId didn't have this issue. These correctly returned only native components instances (e.g. View, Text, etc) that got the testID.

In v2 we fixed this inconsistency, which may result in failing tests, if you relied on this behavior. There are few ways to handle these failures:

  • pass the testID prop down so it can reach a native component, like View or Text
  • replace testID with proper accessibilityHint or accessibilityLabel if it benefits the user
  • use safe queries like *ByText or *ByA11yHint

Deprecated flushMicrotasksQueue

We have deprecated flushMicrotasksQueue and plan to remove it in the next major. We have better alternatives available for helping you write async tests – findBy async queries and waitFor helper.

If you can't or don't want to migrate your tests, don't worry. You can use the same implementation we have today:

function flushMicrotasksQueue() {
return new Promise((resolve) => setImmediate(resolve));