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Migration to 7.0


We renamed the react-native-testing-library npm package to @testing-library/react-native, officially joining the "Testing Library" family 🎉.

As the version 7.0 involves merging two libraries together, there are two variants for migration guide, dependent on library you used previously:

Guide for react-native-testing-library users

This guide describes steps necessary to migrate from React Native Testing Library v2.x or v6.0 to v7.0.

Renaming the library

  1. Install @testing-library/react-native.
  2. Uninstall react-native-testing-library.
  3. Rename all references of react-native-testing-library to @testing-library/react-native.

You may have noticed a strange v2 to v7 upgrade, skipping versions 3, 4, 5 and 6. This is because we renamed the react-native-testing-library npm package to @testing-library/react-native, officially joining the "Testing Library" family 🎉. We're merging existing two libraries into a single one. The native-testing-library repository, which had v6, will soon be archived and using @testing-library/react-native below v7, sourced from mentioned repository, is deprecated.

For branding purposes we keep the "React Native Testing Library" name, similar to "React Testing Library". Only the npm published package is changing. The code repository also stays the same under Callstack governance.

New aliases

To improve compatibility with React Testing Library, and ease the migration for @testing-library/react-native users using version below v7, we've introduced new aliases to our accessibility queries:

  • ByLabelText aliasing ByA11yLabel queries
  • ByHintText aliasing ByA11yHint queries
  • ByRole aliasing ByA11yRole queries

We like the new names and consider removing the aliases in future releases.

Renaming ByPlaceholder queries

To improve compatibility with React Testing Library, and to ease the migration for @testing-library/react-native users using version below v7, we've renamed following queries:

  • ByPlaceholder -> ByPlaceholderText

Please replace all occurrences of these queries in your codebase.

fireEvent support for disabled components

To improve compatibility with the real React Native environment fireEvent now performs checks whether the component is "disabled" before firing an event on it. It uses the Responder system to establish should the event fire, which resembles the actual React Native runtime closer than we used to.

If your code contained any workarounds for preventing events firing on disabled events, you should now be able to remove them.

Guide for @testing-library/react-native users

This guide describes steps necessary to migrate from @testing-library/react-native from v6.0 to v7.0. Although the name stays the same, this is a different library, sourced at Callstack GitHub repository. We made sure the upgrade path is as easy for you as possible.

Renaming "wait" helpers

The wait and waitForElement helpers are replaced by waitFor. Please rename all occurrences of these in your codebase.

Changes to ByTestId queries

The ByTestId queries don't accept RegExps. Please use strings instead. We're happy to accept PRs adding this functionality :).

No ByTitle queries

Our library doesn't implement ByTitle queries, which are targetting components with title prop, specifically Button and RefreshControl. If your tests only use ByTitle to target Button components, you can replace them with ByText queries, since React Native renders Text under the hood.

If you need to query RefreshControl component and can't figure out other way around it, you can use e.g. UNSAFE_getByProps({title}) query.

No custom Jest configuration

Use the official React Native preset for Jest:

"jest": {
- "preset": "@testing-library/react-native"
+ "preset": "react-native"

We're told this also speeds up your tests startup on cold cache. Using official preset has another benefit – the library is compatible with any version of React Native without introducing breaking changes.

Cleanup is included by default

Cleaning up (unmounting) components after each test is included by default in the same manner as in React Testing Library. Please remove this setup file from Jest config:

"jest": {
- "setupFilesAfterEnv": ["@testing-library/react-native/cleanup-after-each"]

You can opt-out of this behavior by running tests with RNTL_SKIP_AUTO_CLEANUP=true flag or importing from @testing-library/react-native/pure. We encourage you to keep the default though.

No NativeTestInstance abstraction

We don't provide any abstraction over ReactTestInstance returned by queries, but allow to use it directly to access queried component's props or type for that example.

No container nor baseElement returned from render

There's no container returned from the render function. If you must, use react-test-renderer directly, although we advise against doing so. We also don't implement baseElement because of that, since there's no document.documentElement nor container.

Firing events changes

There are slight differences in how fireEvent works in both libraries:

  1. Our library doesn't perform validation checks for events fired upon tested components.
  2. Signature is different:
    -fireEvent[eventName](node: FiberRoot, eventProperties: NativeTestEvent)
    +fireEvent(element: ReactTestInstance, eventName: string, Array<any>)
  3. There is no NativeTestEvent - second and rest arguments are used instead.
  4. There are only 3 short-hand events:, fireEvent.changeText and fireEvent.scroll. For all other or custom events you can use the base signature.