A component to display a stack of FABs with related actions in a speed dial. To render the group above other components, you'll need to wrap it with the Portal component.


import * as React from 'react';
import { FAB, Portal, Provider } from 'react-native-paper';

const MyComponent = () => {
  const [state, setState] = React.useState({ open: false });

  const onStateChange = ({ open }) => setState({ open });

  const { open } = state;

  return (
          icon={open ? 'calendar-today' : 'plus'}
            { icon: 'plus', onPress: () => console.log('Pressed add') },
              icon: 'star',
              label: 'Star',
              onPress: () => console.log('Pressed star'),
              icon: 'email',
              label: 'Email',
              onPress: () => console.log('Pressed email'),
              icon: 'bell',
              label: 'Remind',
              onPress: () => console.log('Pressed notifications'),
              small: false,
          onPress={() => {
            if (open) {
              // do something if the speed dial is open

export default MyComponent;


actions (required)
Type: Array<{ icon: IconSource; label?: string; color?: string; labelTextColor?: string; accessibilityLabel?: string; style?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>; labelStyle?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>; small?: boolean; onPress: () => void; testID?: string; }>

Action items to display in the form of a speed dial. An action item should contain the following properties:

  • icon: icon to display (required)
  • label: optional label text
  • accessibilityLabel: accessibility label for the action, uses label by default if specified
  • color: custom icon color of the action item
  • labelTextColor: custom label text color of the action item
  • style: pass additional styles for the fab item, for example, backgroundColor
  • labelStyle: pass additional styles for the fab item label, for example, backgroundColor
  • small: boolean describing whether small or normal sized FAB is rendered. Defaults to true
  • onPress: callback that is called when FAB is pressed (required)
icon (required)
Type: IconSource

Icon to display for the FAB. You can toggle it based on whether the speed dial is open to display a different icon.

Type: string

Accessibility label for the FAB. This is read by the screen reader when the user taps the FAB.

Type: string

Custom color for the FAB.

Type: string

Custom backdrop color for opened speed dial background.

Type: () => void

Function to execute on pressing the FAB.

open (required)
Type: boolean

Whether the speed dial is open.

onStateChange (required)
Type: (state: { open: boolean }) => void

Callback which is called on opening and closing the speed dial. The open state needs to be updated when it's called, otherwise the change is dropped.

visible (required)
Type: boolean

Whether FAB is currently visible.

Type: StyleProp<ViewStyle>

Style for the group. You can use it to pass additional styles if you need. For example, you can set an additional padding if you have a tab bar at the bottom.

Type: StyleProp<ViewStyle>

Style for the FAB. It allows to pass the FAB button styles, such as backgroundColor.

Type: ReactNativePaper.Theme
Type: string

Pass down testID from Group props to FAB.

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